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Confidence 2022 Cracow

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Welcome to my cyber security blog! You can read here about web & cloud security and also general IT sec topics.
All of the research and posts prenested here are done in my free time. All opinions presented on this blog are my own - I do not repesent the opinion of my employers, my hairdresser or random people from the street. 🙊

Who I am?

Security enthusiast especially interested in web & cloud security ☁. Currently working as Penetration Tester and Security Researcher at Snowflake. eWPTXv2 & AWS Certified Security.
Speaker at Confidence 2022, DevSecCon, SecOps Poland, AWS Community Day Warsaw 2022 and AlligatorCon 🐊.
Love spending money on new Lego sets, like to play CTFs, paint figurines and play games 👾.